Nestling in the heart of South Yorkshire

Are two co-terminus villages Barnburgh And Harlington

Despite two names, we are one vibrant community with a desire to protect and maintain our local history and  environment.

We have a diverse range of  properties, from the original stone buildings in the conservation area of Barnburgh to the modern housing estates in Harlington.

We have a community school which consistently exceeds government standards,

A church that has for centuries been central to the county's history and whose 'Cat and Man' legend is re-known.

But most of all we have lots of lovely people who are neighbours and who are willing to help each other.

Local Businesses

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St. Thomas More  Connection

Did you know St. Thomas More, the most famous of Chancellors of England and executed by Henry the Eigth for refusing to recognise 'old henry' as head of the church of England', may have took his holidays in our villages?  Did you know that meant St. Peters Barnburgh was once a Roman Catholic Church

Did you know of his family connection with Barnburgh ? 

Do you know that a famous painting hanging in the National Gallery was once on a wall in Barnburgh Hall?.

Ever wondered about the names of roads and land marks around our villages?  

Ever wanted to know more about the area we live in?

Then read more here »


Latest News 


Draft Final Recommendations on Ward Boundaries from the Local Government Boundary Commission for England 

The Parish Council has now received the Boundary Commission’s draft final recommendations. The Commission’s view is that Barnburgh and Harlington should continue to remain within the Sprotbrough ward (there had been a proposal, opposed by the Parish Council and now rejected, that Harlington should be separated electorally from Barnburgh and included in the Mexborough ward). 

An article on the above will appear in the August edition of The Grapevine. 

The draft final recommendations of the Boundary Commission are open to public consultation until 11th August, 2014. 

The report and interactive map of the draft recommendations can be found at –





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