Hangman's Stone Lane

Hangman stone laneThere is another Barnburgh legend which gets completely overshadowed by that of the Cat and Man, and that is the story of Hangman's Stone Lane. 

The lane should not be confused with  Hangman's Stone Road  which runs from the Ludwell Hill High Melton to Marr.

Hangman Stone Lane, which is unsigned, can be seen on the left when approaching High Melton.

The story goes that centuries ago, when sheep stealing was a capital offence, a man stole a sheep from a field at night.

He must have injured the sheep because he was carrying it over his shoulders and had tied its feet together with a rope.

 When he reached the lane now known as Hangman's Stone he stopped for a rest, placing the sheep on top of a stone post whilst he himself sat on the ground He then fell asleep.

The story is that the sheep must have slipped off the stone and the rope, which the man had round his body slipped up round his neck and strangled him, so doing the hangman out of a job.

There are a number of similar stories relating Hangman's Stones and Hangman's Lanes across the country but ours is the only one running off a road of a similar name!

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