The History of Harlington

Donaster Road HarlingtonHarlington lies in the parish of Barnburgh and is of 'Anglo-Saxon' origin.  Its name could derive from the land owner 'Walter De Harlington' or from Anglo-Saxon terms. 'ton' means fenced abode, whilst 'ling' means a pasture and 'Har' meant either a contraction of either the name of the pasture or the land owner.

Although Harlington has a very long history very little was recorded as it was always regarded as a hamlet within the parish of Barnburgh and was always  part of the Manor of Barnburgh.  Even in Saxon times it was, with Barnburgh, part of the territory of 'Osul' and then it passed to the Norman, Roger De Busli.  Over the years it has passed  through various hands as part of the Manor of Barnburgh.

Although there is little recorded history of Harlington, Manor Farm does offer something of intrigue. Known as 'The Manor Farm' there is nothing to say how long it has been established. It may have been set up to deal with the 'Manor Lands' in the Harlington district. On the other hand there have been two lords of the Manor throughout the history of the Parish of Barnburgh and Manor Farm may have been the property of the other Lord of the Manor.

If you can tell us more about Harlington's history please do. 

See the following submitted by John Smith a local resident   Walter De Harlington

The Old Hall Harlington

old hall harlington

Old Hall stands at the bottom of Church Lane.  What do you know about its history.  Please tell us.  Why is it know as 'Old Hall'  When was it built? Who has lived there over the years

We know that at one time it was the home of the Richardson's the farmers who now live on  Green Lane.

We know that a Mr Vardy opened a chip shop on the Church Lane  side of the house,  the remains of the shop from are still there today as is a stone mullioned  window above

We know that a Mr Shaw bought after the war, sold chips and kept pigs in the yard,  but do you know more? Please tell us here

The Golden Ball Harlington

Golden Ball pub Harlington Doncaster

Now known as Bethany Cottage, and extended, this old building stands on Doncaster Road and is reputed to have been an Inn  bearing the sign ' Golden Ball'  but this has become obscured with numerous renderings of plaster.  Do you know anything about it or its earlier occupants?  

Did you know it once was called 'Toothills Shop?'   ... Who were the Toothills? What did the shop sell? Please tell us before it's too late! Tell us here



Holme Bridge Harlington

Holme Bridge HarlingtonHere it is the  only structure that divides us from one of our closest neighbours at Adwick upon Dearne. Known locally as Adwick Bridge

How many times have you passed over it?  Do you know what are those stones jutting out into the road are for ?  They can't be to stop carts hitting the wall or are they boundary stones? When was it built? How much did it cost?  Do you know once this bridge is past,  the river doesn't follow its original route until just before Dearne Bridge at  High Melton.


Holme Mill Bridge Harlington

I bet you hate that funny little wall just down from the road from Holme Bridge.. you know, the one  with  that quirky bend in the road.  Well so did I until I found out that it was 'Holme Mill Bridge' and that at one time it was bridge  over a 'Mill Race' that was constructed to divert water from the Dearne to Barnburgh Mill..  

Holme Mill Bridge HarlingtonIf you hop over the wall you can see that it is not really an irritating wall.. it is actually part of our local history and was constructed to serve the mill with water. There was another mill in Harlington  known as Harlington Mill and it lay at the bottom of Mill Lane.  Do you have any information about this mill?  Then why not share with us here

early 19th century map showing Barnburgh MillClicking on the map produces a much larger version.

The mill race shown was cut from the original River Dearne to feed Barnburgh Mill.  If you stand amongst the trees and face towards Wath upon Dearne  you can still see the channel that was the race.  The mill race  runs on to where Harlington Mill stood. See larger map.

Barnburgh Mill a Painting by Madge Sinclair date unknown

This is a painting of Barnburgh Mill by Madge Sinclair whose son lives on Manor Lane Adwick upon Dearne, Do you or your family have any memories or photos of either Barnburgh or Harlington Mills Please tell us here