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Has your family been resident in either of our villages for a long time? 

Would you like to post you family history here?  Please tell us about your relatives so that we can retain them the memories of the children who live here now and in the future.

It doesn't matter if they were rich, poor, noble or common but we do want them to have lived in Barnburgh or Harlington for more than 40yrs so that their history continues with this site.

Don't worry about presentation,  just write your memories down and send them to me I'll type them up for the site.  If you have any photographs that can be used all the better.  It doesn't matter if you haven't got digital copies  Just let me  know and I can scan them and return them to you unharmed.

Please post your memories here

Beryl Lines and Jen Ganley's Memories

Barnburgh and Harlington have changed a lot over the years, since I was a little girl.  I was born on Melton Hill and went to old Barnburgh school.  The school was knocked down and the village hall is there now.  The old school had 3 classrooms, one for the infants and the other was divided into 2 rooms by a partition for the middle age children.

The Church Hall was used as was used as a 4th classroom for the older children.  The old school had two entrances and two yards.  The front entrance and the small yard was at the top of Church Lane.

At the bottom of the yard was the chemical toilets.  The children had to go out of the classroom and down the yard in all weathers to use them. Also in this small yard was the coke stack for the boilers.

The other entrance was on Chapel Hill ( Barnburgh Lane). This side of the school had the big yard for the older children to play, also for the children from the 4th classroom, at the Church Hall,

The 4th classroom was used as the dinner hall and all the children that stopped for dinners had to go over there.  Went we went to the old school we had a spoonful of cod liver oil and a spoonful of orange juice also a bottle of milk and in the winter the ice used to come out of the top of the milk.

When you were old enough you went to the Church Hall for a lesson.  You did gardening as well, the school garden was where the doctors surgery is now.  The School playing fields were on Dickey's Farm.

Next to the Coach and Horses pub was the Memorial Hall it was built during the war. we had dances there.

Barnburgh Chapel was opposite the school on Chapel Hill (Barnburgh Lane).

The old Barnburgh Post Office was a room in the top cottage just below the Coach and Horses pub it was Mrs Bullocks Cottage at that time.

On Sunday afternoons in the summer everyone from Barnburgh Harlington and Melton Hill went down to the river and had a great time, picnics, swimming ball games... you name it we did It!

Farms in Harlington.

Beech Farm stood where Windsor close is now and was farmed by the Bensons

Manor Farm as now farmed by mister Wade

Dovecote Farm where Creasers built his cottage was farmed by Richardsons

Northfields Farm opposite the Harlington Inn included Cambridge close and North End Drive was farmed by the Ibbotson's

Mill Farm, a small holding top of Mill lane was owned by Miss logwood

Beryl and Jens Pictures


Johnston's Mill Lane

Ice Cream Shop


Bill and Jen Ganley Mill Lane

Before the houses 1964


Mill Lane Gymkhana

We and WJ Ganley and

John Johnson 1963


Barnburgh Pit Tug o War 1942

Bill Ganley 2nd 

Tom Ganley 4th

Crown Inn 1964   Christopher & Josie Johnson

Bill And Gladys Ganley

Grandad and Grandma

Memorial Hall   Chapel Harvest Festival
Barnburgh Pit 1912


Your Family

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